Black and white print

For simple presentation of data it is enough with a clearly readable message printed in black and white. It is perfect for books, newspapers, conference materials, questionnaires and other kinds of information materials for production in small editions.

Often a black and white print jobs overload enterprise’s printer or copier, therefore think it over, and don’t let the result that would not be too bright and make your toner run low, distract your attention from the company’s key issues, and let us take care of this practical side!

High quality print of our monochrome devices is ensured by the fine particle toner. The machine can achieve highly fine lines and level of details to a smooth, matte finish that can be comparable to offset printing. High quality is combined with high production speeds, and depending on the size of a paper sheet, it can reach up to 144 images printed per minute.

Different types of papers and sticker paper can be used for printing. Minimum standard printing paper thickness is 56g, but in some cases the paper structure allows the use of a thinner paper. Maximum paper thickness is 250g. The minimum size of a paper sheet is 18.3 x 20.3 cm. Maximum paper sheet size is 32 x 49.2 cm. Maximum print area - 31 x 45 cm.