Book printing

Trends of digital printing in book production segment shows that large amounts of circulation have been replaced by a greater diversity and flexibility in book printing process. At present, publishers are more common to use the so-called "just in time" principle. It means that only the necessary amount of issues is ordered without maintaining large stocks of finished goods.

Creative people and professionals make use of independent book publishing, known as self-publishing that often ends up with amazing success stories. However, to issue a book, you should not be nor writer, nor artist. There is no difference whether the book serves as a surprise for the friends and relatives, or will brighten the image of your company; we will be working to make the creation of it simple and of a high quality.

We specialize in operational execution of small and medium amount works, as well as provide with extensive options of post-processing:

Nowadays, use of modern digital technologies allows reaching the desired result faster and more conveniently, maintaining high quality, therefore we welcome authors and publishers of books for cooperation with us.